I love to draw and paint for fun. 

When I was in college, I learned to weld and made larger sculptures. As my life became more mobile (and domesticated) I shifted to drawing, sketching and painting with watercolors. I identify with "outsider artists" in that I am not big on accurate perspective, shadows, or even color. I draw what I see and don't get too hung up on precision or convention. Usually I am quick about it. Occasionally I spend more time on one piece - whatever it takes to capture the essence. 

I draw what I enjoy in life and is often inspired by or for people I care about: gardening, eating, my dog, Eloise, bits of nature, my family and friends. Sometimes I "process" by drawing.

I live in Palo Alto, California with my husband where we welcome  a constant turn style of relatives including our two adult sons and are involved in the community in numerous ways. We shared many years with our springer spaniel, Eloise, who was my nearly constant companion and furry daughter for nearly 15 years. 

My life is filled with fulfilling social change work at SV2hosting an online video series, First Person, featuring interesting conversations with Silicon Valley trailblazers, hiking, yoga, gardening, improvisation and good friends. And, of course, drawing! You'll find more about me here.